Product Expertise

Oral Products

  • Assessment and optimization of advanced dosage forms including modified release, delayed, sustained, pulsatile and gastro-retentive dosage forms.
  • Quantification of the rate and anatomical site of disintegration.
  • Correlation of drug product performance with pharmacokinetics.
  • Proof-of-concept for colon targeting and targeted GI drug delivery.
  • Understanding the impact of fasting & fed state on formulation performance.
  • Formulation evaluating for local disease treatment.
  • Performance evaluation of mouth sprays, films, buccal tablets etc.

Tropical Products

  • Evaluation of skin deposition, skin permeation and penetration of drugs from dosage forms including dermatokinetics.
  • Assessment of skin retention time and physical product attributes
  • Study of skin penetration and dissolution rate of microarray patches and evaluation of transdermal patches.
  • Correlation of dermatokinetics and pharmacodynamics.
  • Assessment of follicular targeting and penetration enhancers.

Pulmonary Products

  • Assessment and optimization of nasal and pulmonary drug products
  • Understanding the impact of formulation, device and patient factors on lung deposition
  • Comparing the clinical performance of different devices, spacers and products.
  • Lung deposition pattern and lung mucociliary clearance.

Parenteral Products

  • Assessment of various parenteral formulations including IV, IM, IP and SC
  • Biodistribution, pharmacokinetics and relative bioequivalence assessment.
  • Proof-of-concept for depot formulations, implants, and inserts
  • WBC scintigraphy for inflammation and disease site.
  • Targeting efficiency of various systemic formulations.

Ocular & Intra-nasal Products

  • Assessment of ocular, nasal and intranasal drug products and formulations
  • Ocular retention, corneal permeation, ocular pharmacokinetics
  • Nasolacrimal clearance
  • Posterior ocular targeting
  • Intranasal retention, clearance and distribution

Specialized Products

  • Assessment of herbal formulations, herbal bioactive and nutraceuticals
  • Assessment of nanoformulations, their in vivo behavior, morphology, targeting potential
  • GI emptying time of food , Comparative study between wheat flour & white flour
  • Performance evaluation of cosmetics: ageing creams, lipsticks, nail lacquers, etc.
  • Assessment of disinfectants & antiseptics