About Us

BioScintigraphyTM is integration of Nuclear Imaging Technique (Gamma Scintigraphy) to biological systems. BioScintigraphyTM is a non-invasive imaging technology used to visualize the in vivo performance and behavior of the drug or drug product. Low levels of a gamma-emitting isotope are included in the formulation to allow real-time observation of clinical performance following dosing in human subjects. BioScintigraphyTM precisely and reproducibly analyze dosage form transit rate and site, drug release rate and site, drug pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and targeting abilities. BioScintigraphyTM assessments can be combined with Phase I clinical studies, and with safety, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic endpoints. BioScintigraphyTM is useful tool for:

  • Product management teams to generate scientific data for marketing campaigns.
  • Marketing & Sales teams to claim product superiority by proof-of-concept.
  • R&D teams to get definite solutions for better product development.
  • Translational researchers looking to understand the product performance & characteristics.
  • Doctors to have visual and reliable data.
  • Clinical teams to attain clinical success.

By visualizing the in vivo performance, the BioScintigraphyTM provides researchers with complete view of information that other techniques attempt, but often fail, to predict. BioScintigraphyTM is owned by Hypotho Research.

Bioscintigraphy Logo

Hypotho Research derives its name from the word ‘Hypothesis’, meaning an idea or a proposed explanation for a phenomenon. The name itself is representative of our services, which are aimed at generating scientific proof-of-concept using BioScintigraphyTM. We trust “viewing is believing” and are the first and only startup in India that are offering scintigraphy services for viewing real-time product performance in Humans. Hypotho combines scintigraphy experience, drug delivery expertise and clinical capabilities to enable product life cycle management, accelerate product development and create evidence based medicines. Hypotho’s team of experts, specializes in providing gamma scintigraphy services to clinicians, researchers, and drug developers. Hypotho Research is an innovative organization that continuously assesses, adapts and accelerates to provide answers to the Researcher’s & Industry’s most pressing drug/ product development questions.

Our Journey…

In early 2000s, a group of scientists at INMAS, DRDO started integrating scintigraphy with pharmaceuticals. Working there as a research fellows, we utilized the data for publications and our dissertation. Progressively, we started conducting preclinical and clinical scintigraphy to expedite formulation development and evaluation, and to get conclusive answers to otherwise unresolved theories. Citing our Patents & Publications, we have been approached by several Pharmaceutical Companies for evaluating their product performance, troubleshooting R&D problems and generating proof-of-concept. Gradually, the utility of scintigraphy in pharmaceuticals boosted and so as the requisitions from companies. After conducting a bunch of successful studies, in 2018 group of old researchers linked their vision, philosophy & brand Bioscintigraphy under Hypotho Research to conduct human scintigraphic studies in the scientific and regulated way.


Hypotho was established with a vision to promote pharmaceutical applications of scintigraphy and know-how of our Mentor ‘Dr. Aseem Bhatnagar’. Our vision is to apply BioScintigraphyTM to develop evidence based medicines with science and innovation which could transform product development and healthcare.

Meet the Team

Dr. Nitin Sharma

A formulation specialist and the one who has experience to understand and interpret the formulation behavior in vivo.

Dr. Neeraj

He is our go to man for thinking, planning and execution. He believes in higher self & endorses the philosophy “Sustainability relies on Quality”.

Dr. Kushagra Khanna

He is the one who is capable of synching radiolabel with the formulation. He believes that “Anything can be radiolabeled”.

Our Advisors

Dr. Aseem Bhatnagar

Prof. Roop Khar

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Dr. Gaurav Jain​